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Les Mills main logo BlackYou will now just be surprised by what autism and Les Mills has to do. Actually nothing. But to me means Les Mills very much. A very long time.

I take you back in time when I myself was young-adult. I was 18 years old and for the first time I was eligible with Les Mills, in a gym in my hometown. I was very shy, aloof and came out of my comfort zone (my house). I myself was still searching what sport suits me best. I have football done by an injury I did not dare ball to hit anymore. When my mother took me to the gym and I went straight to my first group class get involved: BODYJAM. I am love of music, dancing and sports. Because it gives good correct impulses in the brains.

Only – sorry BODY JAMMERS – the passes were getting faster and difficult to BODYJAM and I then decided to make a switch to a LES MILLS ™ programs: BODY COMBAT. A BODYCOMBAT instructor said to me, “Bas, the Les Mills programs fit and is really good for you You become more flexible, stronger and more powerful Come along at once.!”. For me this was quite a big step. I finally stopped with BODYJAM because the dance steps is not working properly processed in my head (read: too much information). Naturally, with each lesson to see what the movement. I always say: Listen & Act.

Love blossomed for BODYCOMBAT as I did more and more and Les Mills. I went from 1x a week BODYCOMBAT to do 3 times a week BODYCOMBAT (I do about 15 years BODYCOMBAT). Only cardio is not the best way to maintain muscle, I did BODY PUMP there to make my muscles and bones stronger by the original barbell group lesson.

Besides BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP (these two are my regular favorite Les Mills programs) I sometimes do SH’BAS uhm SH’BAM and BODY BALANCE. I do three times a week BODYCOMBAT and 2x times a week BODY PUMP. With passion. And it is also my hobby and exercise.

I met my two biggest idols: In 2010 Phillip Mills, CEO and founder of Les Mills International. Philip Mills has a very particular vision in the field of fitness and to get people to exercise. In 2011, August was a special event arranged for SH’BAM 4 Life in 2011 and then came Rachael Newsham (program director). I always wanted to meet her and talk to her. Her charisma and energy is amazing (I’ve seen DVDs with my niece who was then BODYCOMBAT instructor). I talked to her and she’s really great at SH’BAM 4 Life Amstelpark Amsterdam in 2011.

In 2014 came the first of the biggest indoor fitness event of Les Mills & Reebok. I then (again ;-)) Phillip and meet Rachael; and both recognized me yet. Amazing. It was when the first edition of “ONE”. With so many people. But how could I filter it? Very simple: I knew this event a lot of people came (rough estimate about 3,500 people); I had VIP so I could like other VIP users use a special entrance. I decided for myself to get up front. I focus on the moment I’m standing there, though there’s so many people and then I can filter a lot of information. It was amazing!

October 17 2015 is the second edition of this great event greatest indoor fitness Les Mills & Reebok and I am again: VIP course again – like last year, because Rachael is at the ONELIVE 2015 event. My idol of Les Mills.

thankyou-reebok-onelive-lesmills2015October 17 2015: My dream came true. I met my idol of Les Mills: Rachael Newsham (third time) and Dan Cohen for the second time. Rachael remembers me from last year and from 2011 of SH’BAM 4 Life 2011 at the Amstelpark Amsterdam (Gym). I felt very special that day because she and he remembers me. Because by Q&A sessions through Twitter. Rach signed my own special iPhone case and the event magazine and I did a small talk with her. Dan remembers me from Q&A session and from last year ONE 2014, the first edition. He say thank you in person of my good questions. I love the masterclasses that day. I was very happy and enjoy everything during the event. I met many amazing, awesome and coolest Les Mills fanatics and instructors and presenters. A real ONE tribe feeling. A day to remember!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

On the fourth of june 2016 was an Les Mills Megaquarterley in Veldhoven and I saw my idol Rachael Newsham, and she remembers me! She liked the present that I give it to her. She loves Dutch strupwaffles :D. It was my first time that I participate the Les Mills Megaquarterley.

The next event is LesMills Live – The Legacy Ziggodome in Amsterdam on October 15, 2016. More information visit www.lesmillslive.nl – ticket sale was on August 15, 2016.

Les Mills Live 2016 on October 15, 2016 in Ziggodome was an awesome nice great day !! A lot of new people to meet and master the Les Mills were extremely cool and fun! BODY PUMP Legends came to launch the new BODY PUMP 100 as a preview and Alex Sanchez came from Spain to BODYCOMBAT 70 along with the BODYCOMBAT Team NLBE. A day to remember!

Les Mills Live: the Filming 2017 will be this year on the 6th and the 7th of october 2017! Pre-register now at www.lesmillsfilming.nl/en/

Location: WESTERGASFABRIEK, Amsterdam.

Les Mills gives rest and calmness with myself. Each program is for three months and after three months there will be a new program. Other movement and music. Each refreshing to the muscles to give another incentive. I’m one is more aware of the changes both physically, mentally and physically. I can handle more things, I’m focused and more control than before. During BODYCOMBAT I can without anyone noticing it completely give my emotions (now that I’m telling everyone ;-)), but every one has a ‘dark side’ concerns with his or her emotions. I hear the beat-beat what the motion is. My memory is much better and remember quite a lot (before my memory was good, because I do remember very much after year, day, date and events). Les Mills is helping me still very good and inspire me still. Les Mills and I are inseparable.

I remember too soon choreographing the BODYCOMBAT and BODY PUMP. From ancient BODYCOMBAT Releases I also know the choreography in my head; I only have 30 seconds to listen and wham go with the flow ;-). I’m actually so a walking archive. The new lessons as I know after three days out of my head. I suck it up like a sponge and I do not let it go.

I also really nice, great (also national trainers) Les Mills trainers / instructors met.

And what seems to me a very cool time to visit New Zealand (Auckland), where Les Mills HQ is located and with Dan and Rach to stand on the podium and with Rach to go out of dinner 🙂 .

Les Mills takes fitness to another level!

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More information about Les Mills can be found at www.lesmills.com

I have also a fanatic BODYCOMBAT website (I use official logos and promotion material with for BODYCOMBAT only and logo – Les Mills, Les Mills BODYCOMBAT and Reebok-branding to give more information about it and it’s just a fanatic website, nothing more. I’m using an Les Mills Brandcentral account official obtained by HDD Group NL since 2007): www.body-combat.eu (English global version) and www.body-combat.nl (Dutch version)
 (If necessary, this information web page is updated with information from the past and what Les Mills has done more for me).