Autism: myths and facts.


autism-socialstudies_psychologystudiesHere is some myths and facts about autism. No more stigma.

Autism and other related disorders is a different operating system.

MYTH: Autistic People have no emotion.
FACT: Autistic individuals experience all emotions; however, they may experience them with different intensities and exhibit them in different forms.

MYTH: All autistic individuals are similar to the portrayal given in “Rain Man”.
FACT: Rain Man is simply an example of an autistic individual. Although some autistic people stand out, many do not. People with autism are very unique.

MYTH: Autism is a rare developmental disorder.
FACT: Autism is the third most common developmental disorder – more common than Down Syndrome.

MYTH: In general, people with autism do not like affection.
FACT: There are many autistic individuals who actually crave affection.

MYTH: Autism is found only in North America.
FACT: Autism is found throughout the world in families of all racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

MYTH: Autistic individuals have a very limited sense of humour.
FACT: Autistic people often have a wonderful sense of humour.

MYTH: People can grow out of Autism.
FACT: People do not “grow out” of Autism Spectrum Disorders. With early intervention and good educational programs progress may be significantly better.

MYTH:There is a physical test for autism.
FACT: The Autism Diagnosis is made by an experienced medial or psychological practitioner based on observations of certain characteristics autistic people.

MYTH: Everyone with Autism Spectrum Disorders behaves in the same way.
FACT: People with Autism Spectrum Disorders are individuals with unique strengths and needs.

MYTH: PDD and Autism are the same thing.
FACT: PDD stands for Pervasive Developmental Disorder and it is an umbrella term for: Autism, Asperger’s Disorder, Rett’s Disorder, Childhood disintegrative disorder and PDD Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS).

MYTH: Individuals with autism are unable or unwilling to form meaningful social relationships.
FACT: Though many individuals with autism have difficulty with social interaction, they can have close social relationships, fall in love and have children.

MYTH: Autism is the result of poor parenting.
FACT: NO! Fifty years ago the common belief was that cold-hearted parenting caused ASD. The phrase “refrigerator parent” was often used. ASD research has come a long way and we know that it is not caused by something the parents do or did not do. PLEASE be assured that your child’s ASD in NOT YOUR FAULT!!!

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