Our Team

Bas van Loon (1985) – chief webmaster of basvanloon.com (owner)

Bas has registered basvanloon.com in 2009 with aim to call stigmatizing label on autism to halt. Besides his own work in the ICT / IT, he gives lectures on autism, incentive/sensory management and processing, autipas (autipas: only retainable in the Netherlands) and the Squease pressure vest. Bas controls basically behind the scene everything for the site and is in contact with e-mail with several companies, foundations and agencies and highschools and universities. Bass gives inspiring, interesting lectures on autism and hopes to give them tools.

Bas will speak for people who are interested to provide greater understanding about autism and related disorders. The target audience ranges from secondary/highschools to universities/colleges. Books about autism are nice, but what could be better to hear first information from an experienced practitioner with autism.

Bass admires Dr. Temple Grandin, a professor/PhD from America who also has autism and sees her as a great example of autism. More information on her website see: http://www.templegrandin.com/

Dr. Temple Grandin is a highly regarded and much sought person to lecture on autism.

More about Bas look here and how to apply for a lecture by Bas, check here for more information.