Information and vision about this website

My vision of the website and why is not a foundation or another company form. is an informative platform that makes available about autism and that the experience expert is willing to come to you to break through to be allowed to tell his story and the stigma attached to autism. Bas gives presentations at secondary education, highschools and universities and colleges academic school. Dutch and English will give his lecture Bas.

The reasons of this website is natural to himself to talk about autism and that just proper information is given because there is much uncertainty. Of course I know a lot of myself and kind of “my autism” off. But myself, I am also much to discover about autism. And I want to tell during my presentation to you and give information what autism is and what I have achieved in my life. And of course it’s not all obvious and easy. I develop and learn new things every day and I take a lot of information, which I incorporate in my own way.

There is obviously a lot of information about autism on the Internet and library. But it is even more interesting as the one who has autism (including myself) and at you a lecture (s) giving., So I am happy to rent to give lecture (s) about autism. And why I lectured (and) give about autism, because there are many uncertainties about the autism itself. And I also like to explain during the lecture (s) with U.

The main website ( is started in june 2009 and this website is focused upon to the Netherlands and Belgium and started by me (Bas) and all the texts @ is Dutch.

I tell during reading (and) more extensive than what I now tell my biography and “my” autism. It seems a lot of fun and instructive for you to do a lecture (s). Hope to see you soon!

For questions about lectures or other information please contact us.