Information and vision about this website

My vision of the website and why is not a foundation or other form of business. Bas is the owner of this informative website about and of autism. Together with other websites and experience experts, we provide a lot of information about autism, over-stimulation and under-stimulation. As of December 1, 2019 it is no longer possible to request me for a lecture, because we focus on digital information and there are plenty of experienced experts who can talk about autism.

The reasons for this website are of course to tell about autism and that good information is simply given because there is of course a lot of uncertainty.

I know quite a lot about myself and “my autism”. The search for autism is never finished and I learn from myself and my environment every day.

The main website ( is started in june 2009 and this website is focused upon to the Netherlands and Belgium and started by me (Bas) and all the texts @ is Dutch.

For questions about lectures or other information please contact us.