How to ask Bas for an lecture?

It’s always handy to know what you can expect from a lecture on autism. There are also some arrangements on this web put down by the management team itself, so Bas can give his lecture.

Lecture / Reading time schedule
Lecture (s) takes atleast 60 minutes or 90 minutes (depending about the location). If he’s going to give several lectures, a break of 30 minutes is required. In the application form for a lecture are reading per hour. It is possible to tick several hours depending on location. It is also possible to request custom reading times during the application when the standard reading times do not fit your schedule, this costum reading time are optional and not required to fill in, if the standard reading / lecture times does fit in your shedule.

Lecture / Reading is for…
The lecture/reading about autism is suitable for all audiences / groups. Bas presents ‘himself’ and using a PowerPoint presentation to his lecture. And he explains in this lecture also in how he experiences and what he has done in recent years and about autism and how the sensory processing is processed and he gives in his lecture ‘tools’, communication and about autism. Bas give lectures/readings about autism in Dutch and also English.

There apply some appointments for a lecture.

It is not permitted during the lecture in order to:

– Making Photo / Video and / or audio recordings (only with permission);

A few things is allowed during an lecture(s): Smartphones (cell phones), phablets, tablets, laptops and pen & paper for notes.

Booking form for lecture(s)

You can use our application form to apply for a lecture. You enter the appropriate information in the form and you book as a lecture.

We ask you friendly for cancellation of a lecture within 72 hours or five days before. If the lecture is been cancel for some reason, we need to arrange to cancellation from our flight ticket (only if is this out the Netherlands) and other stuff. More information about cancelling an lecture(s), contact me.

To cancel an lecture, please contact our department at with your information (name and place of location where the lecture is suppose to been held).

Click here registration form to book a lecture.

Bas and his lecture

– Bas talks about autism and what he has learned in his life;
– Any other inquery/questions for the people on location;
– Information on the AutiPas (autipas is not retainable out side the Netherlands, but I give information about it.) and his experiences on the use of pressure vest Squease Netherlands / Global and information material from Dutch Association for Autism (Nederlands Vereniging voor Autisme) in English.
– PowerPoint presentation
– Communication, sensory processing and many more important subjects!

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us for the conditions. We will answer your questions and the information you are needed.