Announcement: GDPR Law -> (English version) 4.1

The new (EU) privacy law, GDPR (in Dutch terms calls this AVG), will take effect in a number of weeks. This means that my website must also comply. I am working on a renewed privacy statement for my website and also means that the number of things will change compared to other companies.
From May 18, 2018 the new privacy statement will be on my website.

Internal and external changes to on the 18 May 2018.
> The domain name .com will continue to exist at this time. Although I intend to register another domain name.
> Contact form and guest lecuter form remains on the website
> permanently stops with promotions with or other companies and we do not enter into the cooperation (we will no longer process personal information, only the basic information such as name and e-mail address).
> SOON: I will embed YouTube videos as hyperlinks.
> There will not be any possibility to respond to various articles.
> Links request from other countries outside the EU will be strict been looked and can be declined by the owner of

I am planning these drastic changes to be heard now due to new regulations of the privacy law.

Do you have further questions? Feel free to ask them via the contact form